Nordic Academy for Nuclear Safety and Security

NANSS is an interdisciplinary competence platform based upon researchers and teachers from several universities, experts from regulators and from the industry. NANSS can provide interdisciplinary education and collaborations.

Competence needs in Nuclear Education

The need for nuclear competence in the world is large, many new countries are about to develop their own nuclear industry. The nuclear field is undergoing a rapid development in the economic, political and administrative spheres. In all sectors there is an increasing need for educated people at all levels of the nuclear industry.

Leadership challenges – education as investments

Especially, the safety and security sector is facing challenges that requires an effectively support of the organization. The management must be aware of and consider constant changes and mandatory adaptations which challenges the leadership. The economic and production development enhances the need for improved safety and security knowledge to develop long-term capacity building.

Countries that want to establish a nuclear industry have both technical training needs and a great need for nuclear safety expertise and training.

Last modified: 2023-11-23