ANNETTE: Nuclear Safeguards


ANNETTE is a European collaboration project in Nuclear education and training targeting professionals or young researchers. The main aim is to consolidate and better exploit the achievements already reached in the past and to tackle the present challenges in preparing the European workforce in the different nuclear areas. Special attention is paid to continuous professional development, life-long learning and cross border mobility. As a result of the project, a number of courses in the following areas will be created:

  • Nuclear Fission Technology and Safety / Security / Safeguards,
  • Radiation Protection,
  • Waste Management and Geological Disposal, and
  • “Nuclearisation” of Fusion.

The ANNETTE courses will be offered in 2018 and 2019, and are free of charge for participants through the ANNETTE portal. Within Nuclear safeguards, one course and four workshops will be offered:

More information about the ANNETTE-project can be found at:

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